Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Smart Board lesson- March 2nd

My best smart board lesson I did this year was a whole Unit that I did in Social Studies. We were studying Native American and Ancient American cultures. I had created smart board pages for each lesson of the unit. There were 5 lessons in all. I incorporated multimedia in my lesson by using the note creater and also I used the multiple choice question maker to help review the concepts that we had talked about the day before. I also brought in a lot of websites from the internet and linked them to my Smart board lesson. It was very easy for me to click on the link and show my students the websites. Also, I picture captured a ton of pictures from the internet so it was helpful for my students to get a picture of the Social Studies concepts that we were talking about in class. Lastly, I also attached United Streaming videos to my Smart Board lesson and they were very easy to access when I needed to show them. It took a lot of time to put the lesson together but when I was done it was really fun to teach with and my students enjoyed it because it involved multiple senses.