Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Connectivism Video Blog

How connected are you?

I thought I was pretty connected before I watched the video. I have a Facebook account, and a website that displays pictures of my family and life. I also have three email accounts and I text and use the Internet onto my cell phone all the time. I even set up a twitter account and now I have entered the world of blogging. However, I still am only a baby when it comes to being connected. I have so much to learn and it is very hard to learn all of the great things out there when you didn't grow up with the technology like our students we teach. I am very envious of them and how easy it will be for them to stay connected to the world and can envision my students in the future having conversations with other students from around the world, learning from their cultures, and getting the best education they can no matter what their background and where they come from. What a great thing technology has become.

Are you a 21st Century Learner, teacher, or both?

I am definitely a learner and am trying to figure things out everyday to better use technology in my everyday life and my teaching life. However, I still don't think I am a 21st Century teacher. I am in the beginning stages of being a teacher but I myself, still need to learn more skills to better teach my students to become a 21st Century learner. I also need to better use my student's knowledge of technology to help all of us to become 21st Century learners.

What role do you play in supporting the 21st Century Student?

My role in supporting the 21st Century student is to first learn all I can about all the technology students will be using and also use it in my daily and teaching life so I am better prepared to teach and support my students in their learning. Once I am fluent with technology skills, my role in the classroom becomes a facilitator to my students, to help them learn and use technology
to gain the knowledge and education they need to become 21st Century learners and citizens.

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